Fine art astrophotography by Vicent Peris

Messier 31
Descubre Foundation, CAHA, DSA, OAUV, Vicent Peris (OAUV), Jack Harvey (SSRO), Gilles Bergond (CAHA)

Full resolution (0.226"/pixel)

Version with enhanced emission line objects:
Full resolution (0.226"/pixel)


Calar Alto 1.2 meter and 3.5 meterZeiss telescopes.


LAICA (on the 3.5 meter); 2Kx2K, 24 um pixel SITe (on the 1.23 meter)


3.5 meter: ALHAMBRA filters centered on 458, 489, 551 and 664 nm. 1.23 meter: Baader RGB.

Exposure Time

3.5 meter: 2 hours. 1.23 meter: 45 minutes (5 min subexposures).


PixInsight Core 1.7.