Fine art astrophotography by Vicent Peris

NGC 6914
CAHA, Descubre Foundation, DSA, OAUV, Vicent Peris (OAUV/PixInsight), Jack Harvey (SSRO), Juan Conejero (PixInsight)

Full resolution (0.5"/pixel)

1800 x 1002

1100 x 612


Calar Alto 1.2 meter Zeiss telescope.


2Kx2K, 24 um pixel SITe


Photographic RGB and 7 nm H-alpha filters from Baader Planetarium.

Exposure Time

2 panel mosaic, total exposure time of 23 hours (20 min subexposures).


PixInsight Core 1.6.

External Links

Official spanish release at Descubre Foundation website
Processing notes at PixInsight website