Fine art astrophotography by Vicent Peris

NGC 7331
V. Peris (OAUV), G. Bergond (CAHA), CAHA

Crop on Galaxy Nucleus

1920 x 1200 (0.31"/pix)

1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1280 x 800

Crop on Satellite Galaxies

1920 x 1200 (0.27"/pix)

1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1280 x 800

Reduced Versions

3000 x 2995 (0.30"/pix)

1200 x 1198


Calar Alto 3.5 meter at prime focus (f3.9; image scale of 0.226"/pixel).




Johnson B and V, Sloan r'.

Exposure Time

139 minutes (5x10 min + 3x1 min in B and r'; 3x10 min + 3x1 min in V).


PixInsight Core 1.2.


PixInsight Core 1.2.

Copyright Notice

Data adquired by Gilles Bergond under discretionary time of CAHA's director, Joao Alves. Observation planning and data processing by Vicent Peris. Special thanks to David Galadí-Enríquez.


White calibration has been done taking the whole light coming from NGC 7331 as reference.

All over the image field we can see the foreground galactic nebulas. A more concentrated blue structure can be seen just bottom of NGC 7331; this must be further studied to know if this is a galactic nebula or a tidal stream of NGC 7331.

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